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The inventory report is the foundation, describing the original condition of a property. Further reports cannot be provided without it. Our independent and certified inventory clerks collect photographic and written information for all fixtures, fittings, contents, and décor of the property. The inventory report can be useful not only for landlords and letting agents, but for home-owners in general. It is a valuable database for all items in the house or apartment and can be very helpful in case of unexpected events or natural disasters.

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Inventory Reports London is a leading company in the sphere of inventory services. Our goals, combined with the experience we have in the real estate market, enable us to provide excellent customer services. We know how important it is for letting agencies and landlords to keep their properties safe. Therefore, we strive to provide excellent inventory services and reports to our clients. We offer:

Our Inventory Clerks

Clerks are an indispensable and essential part of every inventory business. That is why it is necessary to work with trained and certified professionals who have attended special courses for ICA standards. Inventory Reports London understands how important trained clerks are for the business and provides internal trainings and courses for its employees.

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Amazingly quick service and furthermore -accurate. Hiring an independent company for such a thing is very important and I decided to do so.Was a bit sceptical, but all turned out to be great -the clerk was on time, very polite, representative and did the job really well - all was noted in detail and perfectly described. Recommendations were made for some areas. Thank you once again!

The inventory clerk arrivedon time, was very polite and started straight away without me giving him directions or something like that.He checked the reports, found some minor issues, all was noted and written down of course, and made recommendations, which I later discussed with the office and was given a good resolution for. A helpful service,saves a lot of hassle and is for a reasonable price.

All was checked in no time,recommendations were made and a lot of hassle was saved.Thank you for the great service!

I needed a check-out report done as soon as possible and these guys answered the call. Very professional over the phone, knew what to do,managed to send someone on a short notice and I have to say their clerk did the job quite well. The report arrived some time after, actually exactly when promised when I ordered the service, which is great timing. Saved me a lot of hassle.. Great service.