1.What are the differences between the Inventory and Check-in reports?

The Inventory and Check-in Reports are two separate documents. An Inventory is the detailed description of each room in the property. The Check-In reports is the handwritten report that is conducted on the date the tenant moves into the property after walking around and agreeting the condition of the property with the tenant. It is based on the inventory report. The check-In report also gives datails for the meter readings and list the keys that are handed over. In most cases, the Check-In report is scanned and attached to the inventory report.

2.Do the Inventory reportd include photographs?

Yes, all of our inventory reports(invenroy report, check-in report, check-out report, EPC) are based on written and photographic documentation

3.Will you provide me with the copy of the report?

Yes, we always provide our clients with a copy of their report, sending by e-mail or a hard copy as well depending on clinet's requests

4.Why do I need check-in report?

When you have tenants moving in, you have to sign an agreement with them(which actually is the check-in report), which testified the state og the property and all its contents and fixtures at the very first da the tenants are moving in.

4.Why do I need check-in report?

when you have tenants moving in, you have to sign an agreement with thme(which actually is the check-in report), which testified the state of the property and all its content and fixtures at the very first day the tenants are moving in.

5.Does my tenants have to be there at the time when you prepare the check-in report?

It is not obligatory for the tenants to be present at the time of the check-in. After the report is sent to you, they will look through it and if they have to sign.

6.Should I be there when you make the inspection?

If there is someone at that time in the property, it is not necessary for you to be there.Someone has to be at that property in order to let our inventory clerk in.

7.If I want to book your combined service, can you make these two inspections on two separate days?

Our Clients usually use the combined service donr on the same day as it saves time and money. If we do that service on separate days we charge full price of the check-in report.

8.How long does it take to make the report?

Time of the service usually takes between an hour and hour and a half. The report will be delivered to you within 72 hours. If you have any special requests please let us know shortly, so we can respond quickly and efficiently

9.Why do I need check-in report once I have an inventory done

The check-in report is a separate document based entirely on the inventory rport, which represent the state of the property on the day of tenants moving in. If there are any damages after tenants move out and a check-out report id one, you can take legal actions due to the check-in report.

10.I am not sure about the exact time of the service.Can I call you back on that?

You better book the most convenient day for you in advanced.If you need to reschedule, please inform us as soon as possible and we will assists you. We don't change any fees for booking and rescheduling an appointment

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Amazingly quick service and furthermore -accurate. Hiring an independent company for such a thing is very important and I decided to do so.Was a bit sceptical, but all turned out to be great -the clerk was on time, very polite, representative and did the job really well - all was noted in detail and perfectly described. Recommendations were made for some areas. Thank you once again!

The inventory clerk arrivedon time, was very polite and started straight away without me giving him directions or something like that.He checked the reports, found some minor issues, all was noted and written down of course, and made recommendations, which I later discussed with the office and was given a good resolution for. A helpful service,saves a lot of hassle and is for a reasonable price.

All was checked in no time,recommendations were made and a lot of hassle was saved.Thank you for the great service!

I needed a check-out report done as soon as possible and these guys answered the call. Very professional over the phone, knew what to do,managed to send someone on a short notice and I have to say their clerk did the job quite well. The report arrived some time after, actually exactly when promised when I ordered the service, which is great timing. Saved me a lot of hassle.. Great service.